Heritage of Les Krebsbach Sr.


John Christian Krebsbach was born to Mathias and Mary Krebsbach at Stacyville, Iowa on November 3, 1875. He attended elementary school in Stacyville and came to the Stewart, Minnesota area in 1897.

Emily A. Forcier was born to Frederick and Ellen (Jarvis) Forcier on July 30, 1880 in Stewart, Minnesota. She received her education at Round Grove School.

Their Life:
On January 31, 1899, John and Emily were married by Father Rollinger at the old St. Boniface Church in Stewart. Emily was attended by her sister Josephine and John’s sister Katherine. John was attendants were his brother William and Emily’s brother Joseph.

During their first year of married life, they rented a farm northwest of Stewart. Then they bought a farm southwest of Stewart, living there for a number of years until they moved to a farm northeast of Stewart were they lived 38 years. In 1941, they purchased a home in Stewart across the street from St. Boniface Church. You could look in the kitchen window almost any afternoon and see John in his rocking chair with his pipe in hand. They lived there the rest of their lives. At the time of their 60 wedding anniversary in 1959, there were 12 children, 68 grandchildren and 57 great grandchildren.

Emily passed away at her home in Stewart on 12 June 1960 and was buried in St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery.

John passed away May 25th, 1966 at his home in Stewart and was buried in St Boniface Catholic Cemetery. When John passed, he was survived by 12 children, 70 grandchildren, and 140 great-grandchildren.

Grand Parents

Mathias and Mary Krebsbach

Was born February 25, 1845 in Prussia Germany and died January 20, 1934 in Stacyville, Iowa. Math married Mary Huemann, was born November 17, 1850 in McHenry, Illinois and died Mary 24, 1938 in Stacyville, Iowa. They were married in a log church on November 2, 1867. Math and Mary settled on a farm a few miles north of Johnsburg, where the first two of three children were born. Then they moved to a farm about 5 or 6 miles northeast of Stacyville, where all but the youngest child was born.  They left the farm and lived in Stacyville about 1 year, when they bought a farm at Stewart, Minnesota. They lived on this farm until 1900 when they bought acreage just one mile south of Stacyville and they lived there until 1913 when they bought a home in Stacyville and lived there until their deaths. They lived together more than 67 years.